Innovative RFID / NFC Produkte in hervorragender Qualität
         Innovative RFID / NFC Produkte in hervorragender Qualität

Hochperformante 13,56MHz RFID / NFC Geräte für die Bereiche ISO 14443, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3M1 und ISO 18092.   Je nach Gerät für z.B. MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE® DESFire®, ICODE®, NTAG® und FeliCa® Transponder

POS Contactless Payment

                                                          •Access Control /Time Attendance

                                                          •e-Payment / Membership / Royalty System

                                                          •Parking Management



         Die optimale Kombination von NFC und QR Code

          Contactless Smart Payment / Berührungslose Bezahlsysteme

           NFC (ISO 18092) , Mifare, DESFire EV1, EV2, ISO 14443 Type A, B, FeliCa
             MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) Payment

           4 Status LED (GREEN)

           ISO 7816 SAM up to 4ea

DQ-Combo Datenblatt
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DQ-Combo Benutzerhandbuch
DQ Combo_User_Manual(Eng)_180705.pdf
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ISO 14443, ISO18092(NFC), Mifare, DESFire, MifarePlus, FeliCa, ISO15693

•Supports 32 / 34 / 64/ 66 bit Wiegand format

•RS-232/RS-485/USB interface

•FDK(Firmware Development Kit) available

•Wide angle 1D/2D barcode reader

•SIM Socket for Security Module


DQ-Mini Datenblatt
DQ-Mini brochure.pdf
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DQ-Mini Benutzerhandbuch
DQ Mini_User manual_190130_eng.pdf
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DP-680 Multi-purpose Contactless Reader

Multi-protocol supportive :

ISO 14443, Mifare series, DESFire, FeliCa,


NFC (ISO18092) full function support

Multi-purpose design (Unattended type/ Desktop standing)



• Contactless payment ( Open and closed loop payment)

NFC Application ( mobile wallet – Samsung Pay, Apple Pay)

• Unattended machine ( ATM, CDM, Kiosks)

• Transportation

•Contactless EMV L1 Certified

•Compatible with


DP-680 Datenblatt
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DP-680 Benutzerhandbuch
PDF-Dokument [717.5 KB]

DE-632 NFC PAD mit TCP/IP, USB und RS232

ISO 14443

ISO 18092


• Contactless pay (ISO 14443, Mifare series, FeliCa)
• NFC P2P (ISO 18092) full function support
• QR generation / Soft pin-pad / Signature capture • Multiple connectivity : mini USB, RS232 & TCP/IP 

Fully complaint of EMV contactless L1 and contactless payment standards (MasterCard®
PayPassTM, Visa PayWave®, American Express® Expresspay)


125 * 90 * 27 mm / 190 g

QDE-632 NFC PAD Datenblatt
QDE-632 NFC PAD.pdf
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QDE-632 NFC PAD Plugfest
QDE-632 NFC PAD_plugfest.pdf
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QDE-632 NFC PAD SDK FDK Übersicht
QDE-632 NFC PAD_FSDK Overview.pdf
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